The Government Law College, Thrissur started in the year 1992 . It is the fourth Government Law College in the State and is affiliated to the University of Calicut. The need for starting a Government Law College at Thrissur was deeply felt by theducationists, intellectuals, lawyers and other eminent Read More….

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Law, unlike the past has an overwhelming control in all walks of social life. Small wonder, legal education has undergone a paradigm shift. Over and above the traditional view of equipping a person to acquire the skills of advocacy, it now is intended to enable one to be proficient in all activities where

proficient in all activities where law has a role. In such a backdrop, the role of the law schools has undergone substantial change. Law schools in a third world country like India have the struggle to balance preparing the law student to become a legal professional par excellence without compromising social justice. It is in this context that Law Schools in the public sector continue to be relevant. Read More….

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