Law, unlike the past has an overwhelming control in all walks of social life. Small wonder, legal education has undergone a paradigm shift. Over and above the traditional view of equipping a person to acquire the skills of advocacy, it now is intended to enable one to be proficient in all activities where law has a role. In such a backdrop, the role of the law schools has undergone substantial change. Law schools in a third world country like India have the struggle to balance preparing the law student to become a legal professional par excellence without compromising social justice. It is in this context that Law Schools in the public sector continue to be relevant.Youngest of the four Law Colleges in the government sector, the Government Law College, Thrissur, started in 1992 has been playing a pivotal role in imparting legal education, carrying out legal research and in extending help to the members of society.

Started with moderate facilities, it now offers excellent infrastructural facilities. Its library is one of the best in the State with over 37000 titles and over 20 journals including e-journal resources. The four centres functioning in the College – Legal Services Clinic and ADR Centre, AT Markose Chair on Advanced Legal Studies, Centre for Business Laws and the Center for Economy Development and Law play a crucial role in bridging the demands of the law students to learn practical lessons with the needs of the society. The College has the credit of having started a Law Journal – Elenchus Law Review – the first ever Law Review from among the Government Law Colleges in the State. The College has a vibrant unit of the National Service Scheme.

I am proud that within the short span, the College has been the alma mater of many an eminent dignitaries including MLAs, Judges, Advocates, Police officers, top brass Administrative Officers, Law Officers and successful business magnets. Thanking all who relentlessly toiled to bring the institute to its present glory, I wish those who joined the College all success