The Campus Debate Club, organizes programmes to inculcate academic, professional and other skills among the law students outside the regular class room. To achieve these objectives, the centre arranges variety of training programmes by combining theory with practice with a view to provide opportunities for experimental learning under the guidance of expert experienced Prosecutors, Judges, Trial Lawyers, Academicians and other professional and expertise personalities. The training programmes are intends to equip the students with an in depth knowledge of the steps to litigation process making them competent to participate in academic competitions, and ultimately, giving them confidence and expertise required to conduct independent litigation in trial courts with a sense of professional responsibility.

Programs like 3 days Training programme on Trial Advocacy, Training on moot-court, Training on debate and Oratory, Training on Parliamentary studies, Debate Competitions at state and national level, Competition on Mock Parliamentary, State and national level quiz competition, Art of speaking, Digital learning,, Special Sessions on Art of success etc are some of the programmes organised by CDC.