Centre for Economy, Development and Law (CED&L)

Centre for Economy, Development and Law (CED&L) is an inter-disciplinary centre established under Government Law College, Thrissur, Kerala. The proposed centre envisages to be a platform for academic discussion and as a creative think-tank for studying, analysing and interpreting various socio-economic and legal issues. This forum intends to generate perceptual framework to explore and understand social issues and events, thereby enabling the people and institutions to create best possible models in policy making and legal practices. Developing and disseminating knowledge on the cross-cutting areas of economy, development and law is the primary aim of this forum; and it is expected to make creative interventions in shaping progressive democratic practices.

Law has long been recognized as a reflection of the prevailing forces in a given society, and a potential instrument of change and progressive development. Society needs an efficient and effective legal system for the proper administration of law. Lack of sound legal and policy framework, and independent and effective judiciary may lead to obstacles in the path of progressive development. In this forum, we expect to develop cross- cutting knowledge base by bringing the academicians, legal scholars and other resources persons together to creatively engage, evaluate, and bridge such lacunas.

Students, academicians, jurists, journalists, politicians and anyone who wishes to offer his/her creative and intellectual input are invited to be part of the forum. The Principal of the college Dr. Jayadevan M V is the patron and Mr. Abhilash Gopinath, Assitant Professor of Law is the Executive Director of the Centre. The briefs published by the Centre reflect the approach/policy of the Centre as a whole. The Centre also publishes a student-edited and peer-reviewed interdisciplinary academic journal biannually called ‘Elenchus Law Review’ (L.R. Elen.) on behalf of Government Law College, Thrissur

The activities of the Centre are summarized as follows:

  1. Making policy briefs on relevant areas
  2. Publishing Newsletter on current socio-economic issues
  3. Publishing Working papers on various issues
  4. Conducting Lectures, workshops and seminars and publishing its outcome
  5. Conducting law impact assessments
  6. Conducting short term training and capacity building programs
  7. Acting as an advisory board for policy makers and governmental institutions
  8. Working in coordination and collaboration with various national and international research organisations and universities.
  9. Conducting Minor and Major research activities initiated by the Centre and also entrusted by various Governmental and Non-governmental organisations.


The Centre envisions itself to evolve as an independent centre parallel to regular academic activities, thereby strengthen the academic activities of Government Law College, Thrissur.