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Two- Days National Seminar on Constitutional Rights and Social Justice with Special Emphasis on Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s Philosophy

Dr. A.T. Markose Chair on Advanced Legal Studies

Government Law College, Thrissur

 In Collaboration with

The Debate Club, Government Law College, Thrissur

 Two- Days National Seminar on Constitutional Rights and Social Justice with Special Emphasis on            Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s Philosophy

1&2 February, 2016                 

 ABOUT THE CENTRE                                                                                   The name of Prof. Dr. A.T. Markose is written in Golden Letters in the history of Law Education. As a “Law Guru” of Kerala, he had excelled in all areas of Law. He was a writer, philosopher and above all, an eminent teacher and much revered authority in the deeper crests and higher troughs of administrative law.  With great admiration to him, the Government Law College, Thrissur has proudly owned “Dr. A.T. Markose Chair on Advanced Legal Studies. The prime objective of this Chair is to establish higher efficiency academic input and output in the learning, research and dissemination of legal science and jurisprudence and also to initiate basic academic activities for the development and capacitization of law students and researchers in the branch of Administrative law and Constitutional law.

In the previous year this Chair had organized a wide range of innovative programmes like Orientation workshop on Child Rights Protection; Workshop on Internal Quality Assurance in Legal Education; C. Achutha Menon Public Law Lecture; Mock Parliament- which was unique in its thought and its actual performance. The Chair had Drafted a Bill on Superstition, Witch Craft and Magic Remedies(Prevention and Control) Act,2013 and it was actually discussed and passed as if it was in actual session in the Parliament ; Talent- 2014; Workshop on Syllabus Revamping and Course work etc. Prof. Premalatha. B, Associate Professor of this college is the Coordinator of the Chair and under her guidance this chair is moving ahead towards organizing programmes and events which are beneficial to the whole student community.


As the unquestioned leader of the depressed classes and the principal architect of the Indian Constitution, the name of Dr. Bhimrao Ramjee Ambedkar will always be remembered in Indian history. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar played a vital role in shaping the modern Indian society. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar played a vital role in shaping the modern Indian society. According to him, the Hindu scheme of social structure based on the four Varnas or Chaturvarna breeds inequality and has been the parent of the caste-system and untouchability which are merely forms of inequality. His life was a crusade for social, economic and political justice of the downtrodden.  The life history of Dr. Ambedkar epitomized the relentless struggle of downtrodden community in our country against social ostracism and economic oppression.

It was in the 19th century that the term “Social Justice” had attained its prominence. It was first used as an appeal to the ruling classes to attend to the needs of the lower classes of the society. The highest aim of justice is to elevate each person. The roots of social justice lie in the thought process of enlightenment. The basic premise of social justice is the emancipation of the underprivileged, exploited and oppressed sections of society and also to weed out the discrimination that prevailed in the society. Ambedkar stood against all kinds of social discrimination.  He advocated an urgent need of bringing about equality of opportunity to the needy and the weak.  He condemned discrimination against citizens by government offices or by private employers in factories and commercial concerns on the ground of race, creed and social status.  To him, any kind of discrimination is a menace to social progress.  He also revolted against the social boycott.  Social discrimination and social boycott are the enemies of his concept of socialism, because his socialism lays a stress on the need of equal behavior and individual liberty and respect.  To him, a true socialist would not tolerate ill-treatment and oppression, because these are opposed to socialism.


Papers are invited from interested academicians, research scholar’s and law students to share their intellectual reflection on theme of the seminar. Abstracts (maximum 500 words) should be submitted by 19th January2016 and full papers on MS Word format, the body of the paper shall be in Times New Roman, font size 12, 1.5 line spacing, foot notes should be in Times New Roman, size 10 single line spacing.(approximately 10-12 pages/ 5,000 words) to the organizers on or before 27th January 2016. The papers should be submitted along with the following informations: (1) Full name of the author (2) Contact details of the author.  The  auhtors of the accepted papers will be duly  intimated. The organizers will have the authority to change the schedule of programme and change if any,in the programme schedule shall be communicated accordingly. The papers should fall in to the sub- themes mentioned as follows:


  • B.R. Ambedkar’s philosophy and its impact on Constitutional Rights and Social Justice.
  • Relevance of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s ideas for the inclusion of the marginalized sections in general, and Dalits and Women in particular.
  • B. R. Ambedkar’s role in Women Empowerment.
  • Role played by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar in protecting the rights of vulnerable groups with special emphasis on the humiliation and discrimination faced by these groups.
  • B. R. Ambedkar’s vision on Uniform Civil Code.
  • Relevance of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s philosophy in the era of globalization.


No registration fee to be paid by the selected participants. Authors of the accepted papers shall be provided boarding and lodging in the nearby locality.






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